Web Development


Why use a web development agency?

A Web agency assists the Internet user in the promotion and communication of a company on the Web. The Web development expert creates or perpetuates digital platforms. Thanks to the intervention of a Web agency, one benefits from the talents of agents with the necessary skills to expand digital communication. This service attracts new clients.


Internet visibility and communication

An interactive agency, a web agency or a digital agency is in charge of transmitting information on the web. Its role is to help its clients create and promote an Internet portal.

Website development

The development expert is in charge of redesigning a website such as this event website: FĂȘte And Co.

Realization of Web projects

The first step in creating a website is to define the objectives. Think about the definition of the specifications.

Web hosting

The web host makes the NDD of a site accessible to Internet users. There are 4 categories of hosting.

Audit of websites

A website audit takes time and resources. It is an important step in a successful digital strategy.


How to create a corporate identity?

The visual identity aims to identify an institution or a company. This set of graphic elements includes the logotype, the brand, the label, the colour, the emblem, the pictograms, the typography… these elements are detailed in the corporate identity code better known as the graphic charter.

The logotype

A logo must be timeless, evocative, easily memorable, understandable and declinable. It is the founding element of a site’s design.

The logo

The claw is a symbol for a company or a person. It contains the name of a brand, a person, a logo or a handwritten signature.

The emblem

An emblem (an ideogram, a colour, a shape, an animal) can sometimes be accompanied by a legend in the form of a sentence.


In order to optimize the design of the company, its typography must be used. It is a question of choosing its layout…


Blue is considered to be the Internet’s favourite colour. It is in any case the most used colorimetry of the most influential sites.


The pictograms are used in different languages of the world in order to explain general information, for both personal and commercial use.


Which website for your project?

There are several categories of Internet sites: e-commerce, blog, showcase site, corporate, ephemeral site, institutional site and informative website in several subjects such as Festy Events. The choice of platform depends on the type of visitor you want to appeal to.


A blog is a place of interaction. This site allows bloggers to deliver information about their passion.

E-commerce sites

An e-commerce site or merchant site focuses more on sales. It takes time to create, maintain and put online.

Web applications

Applications are not reserved for mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. They are also available on desktop computers.


A quality design for your website

To guarantee a presence on the web, a business leader must give special treatment to the official showcase site of his company. An entrepreneur who wishes to have a harmonious and coherent visual identity for his site is best to call upon an experienced graphic designer.

Tree structure page

The tree structure is the hierarchy between the pages of a site. Also called structure, this technique highlights different levels, the basis of which is the home page. Then come the other levels, which are other sections.

Ergonomics of the site

A website is ergonomic when it is accessible, useful and gives satisfaction to Internet users. It is important to pay attention to readability and offer relevant content to interest the cybernaut.

Site accessibility

Optimizing a site’s accessibility aims to improve traffic, reach more audiences and increase conversions to the site. Those who neglect the accessibility of a site deprive themselves of millions of visitors.

Aesthetics of the site

It is recommended to work on the web design of a site after the creation of a showcase or e-commerce site. The aesthetics of a site meets standards to make it look more professional and attractive.